The storyline in this series is the travels and ministry of Ellen White in NZ during the 1890s, for the purpose of highlighting the following

     (1) God was working very directly through the Prophetic ministry of Ellen G White.
     (2) her ministry was a fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy, as one of the identifying marks of the last day remnant church.
     (3) the SDA church in having the Biblical prophetic gift bestowed on it by God made it the true church on earth.
     (4) that Ellen White was part of a movement that God used to restore lost Biblical truths lost during the Dark Ages.
     (5) the prophetic messages of Ellen White are relevant to our day.

From these points the following questions can be asked about Ellen White:
     • Was her ministry ordained of God?
     • Was she a prophet for the remnant church in the last days?
     • Was her ministry a fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy found in the book of Revelation?
     • Did her ministry help restore Biblical truths lost during the Dark Ages?
     • And are her prophetic messages still relevant in our day?

Revelation 18 Media is producing a documentary series answering these, and other vital questions, based around the travels of Ellen White through New Zealand.
We want to examine the big questions that Seventh-day Adventists are faced with today regarding the origins of our church, and show the amazing interventions of God during her ministry here in New Zealand.
This will be a faith building series, showing to both Adventists and non-Adventist alike just how solid are the foundations of our faith.


Documentary style program.
We will be sharing the amazing providential leading of God during Ellen White's ministry here in this country, using her own diary notes, on-location filming and historical re-enactments.
We will give the historical background and context to some of the most intriguing events that occurred at the time, and share the untold story of the impact of her stay in New Zealand.

Length, distribution and media

There will be from 5 to 7 episodes in the series

For each episode, it:
1. will be up to 40 minutes in length.
2. Filmed in 2160p 25, 422, 10bit. with some B roll filmed in 1080p 50
3. Edited in Adobe premiere and other Adobe products.
4. Field sound recorded in 32bit 48hz using a Zoom F6 and a combination of lapel mic’s, boom poles - shoot gun mics and other mics as needed.

Music will be royalty free form stock sites and created pieces using Ableton live 11

The series will be made for TV, and put onto YouTube six months after release. DVD’s and mp4 will made and sold from our website.l


The intended audience will be General

Status of Project

In the Pre-production stage.

Stagers of Project

  • Pre-Production - research, writing of the script, budgeting, and location scouting takes place here
  • Production - Here is where the filming takes place
  • Post-Production - Editing and colour grading takes place here.

People need for this project

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Here is a list of the things we needl 

1. We need sponsors and supporters.

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2. We need production personal

Editor, Sound recorder, grips, and other rolls needed

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3. We need actors and voice actors

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amount need

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