Who We Are?

"Many years ago my father (Jim Harrison) had a vision of an organisation that would be set up towards the end of time. An organisation whos goals and mission would be to show people who Jesus is through our lives and the way we treat others and to encourage people to have a living relationship with their Creator.
He saw that there would be a number of divisions that would be run by the trust. One of which would be its media division.
He was on the edge of setting up the trust when sadly he passed away before the dream he had was realised, but he still had set in motion the ideas and purpose of the trust.
In 2008 the trust was set up and registered as a charity in New Zealand. Then in 2014 Revelation18 Media came into existence.
We are a faith based organisation and it is only through faith that we exist. We give God the glory for this. We also thank those people that support us with their time and resources." 

James Harrison  - CEO of The Mountain Meadows Charitable Trust


Our Vision

Is to produce and promote content that
     • upholds the values of,
     • gives insight into, and
     • shows evidence for 
God’s love for us.


Our Mission

It is in two parts.
    1. To show people who Jesus is through our lives
        and the way we treat each other.
    2. To encourage people to have a living relationship
         with their Creator before it is too late.”


Our Future

Revelation18 Media is looking at producing more real evidence based documentaries and programs.

Why we called our media divsion Revelation18 Media

In Revelation 14 we read about three angels flying in the midst of heaven bearing three progressive messages to the world. These three messages are the final warning to a world just before the return of Jesus. The first angel is seen flying in heaven with the everlasting gospel and announcing the start of God’s judgement. It is a call to return to the worship of the Creator. The second angel’s message is a call to come out of the churches that have rejected God’s last message. The third message deals with those people who have rejected the previous messages and who are worshiping the beast and is image. These are the people who receive the mark of the beast and have God’s judgements poured out upon them.

These messages are about choices. Will you serve God the creator or will you serve the Dragon (Satan). The choice is yours. These three angels’ messages are for us today. The first angel started to sound in the early 1800s. The second angel started to sound in the late 1800s and the third angel’s message started to sound in the early 1900s and is still sounding today. As you can see it has been over 200 years.

In Revelation 18:1 we read, “After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated with his glory.” (NKJV) This angel fly’s down from heaven and adds his authority and power to the three angel’s messages. When this happens God’s people are empowered and move up a gear. This is so they can give the last message with power, at the end of time.

If you think that we live in the end times then it’s time to make a stand on Biblical truth and align our lives with Jesus. It is time we took the power of Revelation 18:1, stood up and proclaimed the gospel to this dying world. Then Jesus will come and we can go home.

That’s why we have called our production company ‘Revelation 18’. We need the power of that last angel to proclaim the last message to this world and to empower the programs we produce so people can make a choice.

What We Do

Video Production

Revelation18 Media has filmed and produced - cooking programs, TV shows, documentaries, live events, presentations and seminars, outreach programs, promotions and advertisement, funerals, weddings and music videos. We have equipment and expertise needed to take a production from concept to completion.

TV Programs

Revelation18 Media is an independent Christian origination with 90 percent of all the programs we produce going on to TV. We also put a lot of these programs up onto our YouTube channel as well. Most of the programs we produce are sold through our web shop as DVD’s, or MP4.


Revelation18 Media has recorded and produced music videos and sound recordings. We have recorded vocals and instruments in studio and at live events. Then added instruments, pitch correction and effects in post-production.

Live Events

Revelation18 Media has run a number of live events. From seminars, speaking tours, outreach programs, cooking classes and demonstrations, funerals, and training programs. We have all the technical equipment needed. From the sound system, lighting, backdrops and data projectors. We can live stream and video these events

Meet Our Team

James Harrison


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Sound Engineer

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Admin, Asst producer

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