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Jesus said “I was in prison and you visited me.” Matthew 25:36.

Sometimes people do wrong, to the point where they commit heinous crimes, and end up in prison. A lot of stigma is attached to people who have been in prison. Society (including those who call themselves Christian) is prone to shun these people.

The family and friends of people who have been in prison often disown them, leaving them with no support while in prison or even when they leave prison.
God can change anyone who is willing to be changed. We’ve all sinned in God’s eyes and yet He forgives us. So, shouldn’t we also forgive those who want to be changed, like He does? This redemptive attitude should be adopted by everyone – and extended to those who have been inside.

In 2021 Richard Joseph was asked if he would like to be involved in prison ministry. He now volunteers as Assistant Chaplain at Rolleston and Paparoa prisons in Canterbury.
In December 2022 Richard organised for a group of singers to come into the prisons.

As well as looking at Richard’s experience with the prisoners, this documentary will also present the experience of the singers in the choir. It will show how this work broke down the barriers and pre-conceived ideas they held before undertaking this voluntary work.

We will also interview released prisoners showing how the chaplaincy work and the work of volunteers, have helped in their lives.

Another goal of this documentary is to highlight the need for more volunteers to become involved in this ministry.


This documentary hopes to break down some of the barriers and stigma that are associated with those who’ve been in prison. It particularly highlights how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has healed the hearts of some prisoners, as well as the attitude of people involved in prison ministry.


Target audience: General Audience

1 Highlight the work done by the prison ministry and the redemptive process of this ministry.
2 Focus on redemption rather than judgementalism.
3 To address reservations and perceptions, and the stigma attached to people who’ve been inside.
4 Re the singers – focus on their experience in the prisons, not other aspects of their lives.
5 Looking at Richard’s voluntary work within the prison ministry.
6 Richard’s pathway to that work.
7 The need for more people to be involved in prison ministry, both within the prison, and after people have been released.
8 The documentary won’t be going into the details of people’s convictions.
9 This documentary will not be focusing on the prison system, or faults within it.
10 It will not be focusing on injustices within the legal system.

Length, distribution and media

Total length – 45 min

Distribution: TV, YouTube, and social media.

• Field interviews and scenes will be recorded in 4k 50p 10bit and depending on circumstance 1080 50p 10bit.
• Delivery’s will be rendered in:
o TV – SD 576 25i mp2
o YouTube – 1080 50p mp4
o Social media – 1080 25p mp4, shorts and wides

Recorded in 32 bit 48 Hz

Panasonic 5S2x, GH6, GH5S and BGH1

Edited using:
 Adobe Premiere pro, photoshop, aftereffects and audition.


The intended audience will be General


The structure of this documentary will follow a 3-Act outline.

Act 1 – establishment of documentary
Introduce Richard how he got into this ministry, and what this ministry involves.
Interviews with each of the singers. The singers will express their thoughts before meeting those who’ve been incarcerated.
Trevor is introduced as one of the singers, with his thoughts.
One or two other singers will also express their thoughts.
(Possible footage of prison officers at work/maybe including their voice over.)

Act 2
Walk into entrance and interior of the prison. Show video/images of the choir ‘at work’ in the prison, Richard working in the prison, (with possible interview with the Head Chaplain). Recordings of the choir singing.

Act 3
Trevor and the other singers talk about their experiences singing – especially changes in their thinking. Richard talks about the impact that these types of visits have on the prisoners.
Interview with released prisoners on the effects of visits, the ministry of Richard and how God has changed them.
Finally, Richard does a call for more volunteers to help in this ministry along with the needs of the ministry. Richard will also talk about the need to setup a prison ministry outside that supports prisoners once they are released. (recidivism can be lowered if prisoners get support from caring people).

Production elements

TThis will be an interview-led documentary. This means that the story line of the documentary follows what the interviewees say.

Sometimes the documentary will not show the interviewee’s face. Instead, their voice will be heard with B-Roll to help visualise what they are talking about. This is to make the documentary more cinematic.

As well as all the material shot with the subjects, there will be footage and photographs of prison visits and the choir rehearsing.

Prisoner’s faces will not be shown.

Filming onsite as much as possible with limited studio filming, if any.

Stages of production.

Pre-production - Planning
A lot of the planning can be done with face-to-face meetings and with some done through Zoom.
People needed:
• Producer/Director - James
• Producer/Assistant - Gina
• Richard
• Trevor
• Other Interested persons

Production – Filming
Filming will be carried out in Canterbury and West Coast.
People needed:
Field recording interviews and other B-Roll
• 1 x Producer/Director
• 1 x Sound person
• 1 x Grip
• 1 x Camera operator?

Post-production – Editing
Most of this will be carried out in Rev18 offices in Rangiora.
People needed:
• 1 x Producer/Director
• 1 x Editor
• 1 x colour grader/sound technician
• Review team

Characters and storyline

Richard Joseph – Assistant Chaplain at Rolleston and Paparoa Prisons. He has been involved in this prison ministry for three years. He will speak about his journey into prison ministry, and what is involved with this work.

Trevor Brown – An SDA Christian who has been involved in singing at Rolleston Prison for just over a year. He will share his experiences where this work has changed his attitude towards those who have been incarcerated.

Singers – Use Doug Hurley? A woman? A group of people from the Kaiapoi SDA Church choir involved in prison ministry. We will interview a couple of these people to show their experience.

‘Smith’ – release prisoner that will be interviewed. Their experience with prison ministry. Life after prison.

‘Brown’ – release prison that will be interviewed Their experience with prison ministry. Life after prison.

(Head Chaplain – Head Chaplain of Rolleston/Paparoa Prison?)

(Prison Guards – interview? To speak about the effects of the ministry)

People need for this project

We need you support to make this project happen.
Here is a list of the things we needl 

1. We need sponsors and supporters.

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2. We need production personal

Editor, Sound recorder, grips, and other rolls needed

amount need

Production Stage Cost
Pre-production (planning, etc.)    $ 656.00
Production (filming etc.)               $3712.00
Post-production Editing etc.)       $3842.00

Total  (Estimated)     $8200.00

Note: this is worked out using mostly volunteers. If we have to pay more people, then it would cost more.

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