In this section you will find the projects that Revelation18 Media is working on.
There are fore types of Projects run by us.

Filming Projects

This includes: documentaries, TV series, Live presentations etc.

Audio Projects

This includes: music production, sound FX, voice overs etc.

Event Projects

 (this are events we are involved in or are running) - This includes: training programs and seminars , outreach events, etc.

Operational Projects

This is projects that help us: replace or buy new equipment, fund operational cost, or set up new areas of operation etc. 

NEW Projects

Here is a list of projects we are planning to do in 2022 - If you would like to help contact us or make a donation.

Projects waiting for funding 

To untangle the misconceptions held by many today regarding the missionaries, and reveal the benefits of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they brought.

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A project about EG Whites travels through New Zealand.

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This takes you to some of the projects we have planned for this year.

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