In this section you will find the filming / videoing projects that Revelation18 Media is currently involved in
this includes: documentaries, TV series, Live presentations etc. 

Projects: We Are Currently Working On.

We are filming how Herbs and Weeds from your garden can be used in very day life,

Filming an Ancient Discoveries seminar with Daniel McKibben . We are produce 33 programs in the series.
We are in the editing stage.

Filming and editing vegetarian  cooking programs.
We have some editing to do and we need to film more programs.

Filming personal testimony's of how God has changed peoples lifes,

Sermons and talks on different topics like health, prophecy, end time, lifestyle, Life experience,  bible insights and natural science.

Projects: That Are In the Planning/Development Stage.

New project coming soon..

A project that looks at the evidence for the Israelites crossing site in the Gulf of Aqaba 

In this series will look at a plants, animals, insects or fish, investigate its habitation and then look at some of the factors that are endangering them and their environment.

Projects: That Are On Hold Waiting For Funding.

Working with the Noah's "Ark Excavation Project" we will be filming The exaction of Noah's ark and other sites of interest in the area.
This could include a number of other filming projects in Turkey  

A project about EG Whites travels through New Zealand. Her travels will be interwoven into current events and deferent bible subjects

To untangle the misconceptions held by many today regarding the missionaries, and reveal the benefits of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they brought.