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The Mountain Meadows Charitable Trust is a New Zealand registered charitable organisation operating out of Rangiora.

Listed below are the different division that our trust operates.

This is our Media division.

The types of content we produce are: Live presentations, Documentaries, Cooking and recipe demos, Children programs, music videos, sound recordings and a whole lot more. Revelation18 media also develops our website, markets the organisation, posts to social media outlets and works with other media agencies.

Must of the video content that we produce go’s up onto Firstlight a free-to-air TV station.

This is our Health and Wellbeing division.

This division operates our Community Support, V Food recipes, preparing for adversity, lifestyle, and health & welling programs. Under the Community Support program, we run a mobile foodbank which specialise in vegetarian and food allergies. Plus some other programs we are in the process of setting up.

This is our Education division

We are in the process of setting this division up. the kinds of things we are looking at doing are: running Training programs like marriage, life, spiritual and wellbeing enrichment seminars, Cooking and nutrition courses, plus a lot more.

There will be on-line E-learning  and seminars based courses.

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The Mountain Meadows Charitable Trust has a number of project running at the moment.  Our aim is show who Jesus is by how we treat others. Why not partner with us to make these happen. 

The Mountain Meadows Charitable Trust operates a food bank in the Waimakariri and Hurunui districts of Canterbury New Zealand.

If you have a prayer request or would like to know more about prayer then come visit our prayer request area. We run a prayer team.

Mountain Meadows has a number volunteer positions that help and support the communtiy. If you would like to give something back then take a look.



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