Applying for Support

We can provide Food packs that are vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, FODMAP, or If you talk to us we may by able to supply packs that cater for other allergies.

We do not supply meat in our packs but we do supply meat alternatives.

If you need one of these food pack please full out the form below.



  • The food products and grocery items contained in this food parcel have been sourced form various food outlets & manufacturers and may be SECONDS, DAMAGED or indicate PAST-USE-BY-DATE, which may leave some products with a minimum of safe life.
  • Every attempt has been made to insure this parcel arrives to you in a safe and usable condition. but final assessment by you, the recipients before consumption is essential.
  • I therefore accept that the items contained in this parcel have been donated and intended solely for the use of the recipient/s and must not be sold or traded.
  • I also agree not to hold liable in any way whatsoever any donor who has contributed to the provision of this parcel including the Mountain Meadows Charitable Trust, food outlets & manufactures.
  • Your acceptance of this DISCLAIMER is a pre-condition to your acceptance of this food parcel and by way of ticking YES below it is taken as acceptance by you of these conditions.

Privacy waiver and confidentiality clause
The Mountain Meadows Charitable Trust collects the above information for the following reasons:

  • To help us provide a quality service and the assist you better in the future
  • To provide statistical data (we will ensure you cannot be identified)
  • To allow for possible information sharing with other food banks and support organisations in the area.

If you can not accepted this Disclaimer and Privacy waiver -  please contact us.