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About GC Kids

It all started with an idea from the lord and now it’s a reality and so we now look back on, with fond memories, the journey we have taken to get GCKIDS to the present stage and the look to the future.

It was May 2018 and the future presenter was asked if they would like to be the presenter for this new Christian children programme with a New Zealand flavour. 

We got to work with a small team of volunteers who had a variety of skills for a production and some equipment. Each session started with a prayer to the Lord to ask him to guide us and provide us the necessary means to this as we dedicate all to him. The team sat down and brainstormed what this programme would look like once the Lord started to inspire them.

Looking at the needs of kiwi kids in the 21st century it was certainly identified that our kids needed values with God’s flavour added to the mix.

It was felt that there was a real need for a programme that was unique to our nation with a New Zealand flavour and had to be values based. It was clear that this programme would help kiwi kids connect with God in a values based way, with a  real manner to help deepen their relationship with him or even help be the platform to start a relationship with God.

The creative process quickly got underway after prayer, with ideas for scripts being written, music being sort and the resources we already had or needed and a set design.

The name of GCKIDS came about through much prayer and brainstorming and the Lord blessed us with the name GCKIDS- God’s Connected Kids. This certainly resonated with the team as it met the objective of the programme of getting kids to connect with God in a real and unique way through values with a New Zealand flavour.

All that was now needed was a location to film and we were away. After some prayer again the Lord provided this and filming began.  

Since this time we have been able to make several episodes and the Lord continues to allow us to produce these episodes.

So as you can see from a mustard seed of faith and prayer came great response and answer to prayer from the Lord. He continues to bless us with what we need to move forward and we pray that he does the same for you in your  walk with the Lord.

Ensure you check out our gallery of photo’s to see our humble beginnings.

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