Hi Kids and welcome to the GCKIDS zone!!

prayer requests, tips, daily tips, resources

We are in the process of putting this page together. Once we have done this you will be able to do the following from this page.

  1. Prayer - prayer requests, tips, daily tips, resources

  2. Send in artwork you would like to share with the GC KIDS team (which could get on the show)

  3. e-mail us to put in a song request

  4. e-mail us to share how you live out the value of the week like sharing how you care for others or your pets

  5. sign up to be a GC KIDS member.

  6. Send in a photo or video of you doing something you are talented at and how you use it to bless others

  7. Share your ideas of what you would like to see on GC KIDS in the future in the Out and About section or a craft idea.

  8. Discover more in the Craft section - see videos and projects

  9. Learn Gods word - stories, studies, ways to walk with God, tips, evidence

  10. Learn Cooking - videos and projects

  11. Life hacks - videos from the show and other places

Please come back again and check out our progress.