Updated 03-03-2020  -  Short Cooking Videos - "Living Choices" V Food Recipes

 Audience:  General
 Number of Programs:  50
 Length of each program:  5 to 15 minutes
 Number Producted So Far 12
Cost to make one* $186.00
 Funds rasied:  30%

*Note: This includes filming and editing of only one episode. To make it efficient, we film 10 to 15 of these at a time. Therefore we wait untill there is enough money to film this number of episodes

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Progress to goal30%


To film a range of “how to make” vegetarian recipes that promotes a healthy lifestyle. They show people how to practically cook vegetarian food.

These programs will show how the recipe is made. It will involve a voice over introduction, making the recipe with a person explaining the procedure and serving suggestions and the ingredient list at the end.

TV - These can be use as fillers.

YouTube – This makes them available to a worldwide audience.
Website - With the written recipe and a video showing how to make it with more information available.
Social media – used to promote a healthy lifestyle through services like Facebook etc.

We are working on another 13 episodes. in the editing stage

To see all of them visit  www.livingchoices.nz

Here is an example of one of the finished cooking recipe. 

YouTub1  To vist "Living Choices" YouTube channel Click Here

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