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ECOtanka - Mini Tanka 600mL
  • ECOtanka - Mini Tanka 600mL
  • ECOtanka - Mini Tanka 600mL

ECOtanka - Mini Tanka 600mL

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Mini tankas are perfect for primary school children, being a little more compact than a regular size drink bottle. They hold a volume of 600mls (two large glasses), are ultra light and fairly compact, measuring approximately 180mm from the bottom to the top of the stainless steel area.

Mini tankas fit all of the standard ECOtanka lid range and the mini size KOOLER covers. Adaptor lids are also available to fit the Avent range of teets, so the mini tanka can also be used as a safe BPA free bottle for your baby:

For Baby: 
Use an Avent teet fitted to the tanka with an adaptor lid. Avent dome caps are also available to keep the teet clean and hygienic. Tankas and lids can be sterilised with boiling water (please be careful handling the stainless steel tankas when hot).

Summer Tip:
For a drink that stays cool for hours in the summer, fill your bottle with ice cubes, top with water then fit a kooler cover. All ECOtanka bottles have a special wide mouth, allowing ice cubes to be used for an instant cold drink. 

1 Year Warranty
All ECOtankas are solid 304 high quality stainless steel food grade and have a 1 year warranty against faulty manufacturing.