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Sabbath School Lesson - Memory text songs Q3 2018 - CD

Sabbath School Lesson - Memory text songs Q3 2018 - CD

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13 memory texts put to song from the Book of Acts. Listen to them and learn them.

Pop them into your car stereo and listen to them while you drive!

Acts 1:8
Acts 2:32, 33
Acts 2:46, 47
Acts 6:7
Acts 9:15
Acts 10:34, 35
Acts 13:38, 39
Acts 15:11
Acts 18:9, 10
Acts 20:24
Acts 23:11
Acts 26:29
Acts 27:24

At Oxford SDA we would occasionally put the Memory Texts in the Sabbath School Lesson to music.  Having a tune to the words really helped to  memorise them! 
When the Lesson Pamphlet came out for the third quarter, the idea came to create tunes for all 13 Memory Texts. A small group worked together to put these onto a CD so that other folk can also memorise the texts the easy way! 
Special thanks to the people of Revelation 18 Media who have helped us create the CDs.

Music composed by Gina Taggart

The Oxford SDA Singers
Eugene Clayton
Jay Allison
B'Ethel Williamson
Christine Newman
Kaitlyn Johnstone
Grace Johnstone
Gina Taggart

Produced by Revelation 18 Media

one CD