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Module 2 - Cook set - BLACK
  • Module 2 - Cook set - BLACK
  • Module 2 - Cook set - BLACK
  • Module 2 - Cook set - BLACK
  • Module 2 - Cook set - BLACK

Module 2 - Cook set - BLACK

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M2 Food Pack:

Are you prepared for an emergency?
Do you have a kit put together that you can grab when an emergency strikes?
How about if you get stuck away from home. Is there a kit in your car you can grab?

The Mountain Meadows Charitable Trust under its Preparing for Adversity project has put together a modular survival kit that you can have at home or put in your car. You could also take modules tramping or take it with you when you go away.

This system is made up of 4 modules. Each module needs to be bought individually. Each module is a standalone units in there own right and can be used by its self. When Attached together they forms a complete unit that compliments each other.


Module 2 - Cook Set - BLACK

This module is standalone and can be carried with you when you go places, kept in your car, or attached to the other modules when needed.

It has straps that makes its easy to attached to your pack or to another module.

The Module includes all the items need to cook and boil water and a food pack that has enough food to last you for 12 hours. (Water not included. Module 3 includes water).

For Example If you get stuck out and about in your car and you have this module with you. You have something to eat and you can make a hot drink as long as you are carrying some water. (Water not included in this module. but it is in Module 3). Or it is useful if you need some food now then you have some (as long as you keep it topped up)

There are many reasons for carrying this module with you in this uncertain world. 

Items included in Module 2:
1 Molle water bottle pouch
1 Gas cooker with case

1 Stainless steel cup/pot
1 Stainless steel cooker/ billy
1 Box of waterproof matches
1 Pot scrubber
1 Plastic Knife, fork, spoon and napkin

Food items in Module 2:
2 Peanut butter slugs 
1 2 minute Noodles (Oriental)
2 Rolled oats quick sachets
2 Cup-a-soup
2 Chocolate drink sachets
1 Orange drink sachet
2 MSO bars (1 x Cranberry and 1 x Apricat)
1 50g Werther's Original cream candies

The features of the Molle water bottle pouch:

* Made from high density nylon material
* Able to attach to any molle webbing vest, bag, backpack or duty belt.  
* Zipper opening for the main pouch.
* Zipper opening side pouch for small gears and accessories.  
* D-rings on 2 sides for another carrying method.  
* Metal clip on the back.
* Main pouch - 25(H) x 11(Diameter) cm
* Side pouch - 15(H) x 100(W) x 4.5(D)  cm
* Color : Black or Green
* Weight: 220g


Note 1: You will need to purchases a 100G/3.5 OZ 178ML Gas Canister from you local sports/hardware shop to complete this module. We do not sell them at the moment. This canister fits inside the stainless steel cooker/billy

Note 2: You can purchase this module with only the base items and buy the food items yourself

Note 3: You are only buying Module Two - Cook Set

All other module need to be purchased individually to make up the complete kit.