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Module 1 - First Aid/Survival kit - GREEN
  • Module 1 - First Aid/Survival kit - GREEN
  • Module 1 - First Aid/Survival kit - GREEN
  • Module 1 - First Aid/Survival kit - GREEN
  • Module 1 - First Aid/Survival kit - GREEN
  • Module 1 - First Aid/Survival kit - GREEN

Module 1 - First Aid/Survival kit - GREEN

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Are you prepared for an emergency?
Do you have a kit put together that you can grab when an emergency strikes?
How about if you get stuck away from home. Is there a kit in your car you can grab?

The Mountain Meadows Charitable Trust under its Preparing for Adversity project has put together a modular survival kit that you can have at home or put in your car. You could also take modules tramping or take it with you when you go away.

This system is made up of 4 modules. Each module needs to be bought individually. Each module is a stand-alone unit in its own right and can be used by itself. When Attached together they form a complete unit that compliments each other. The kits come in green or black



Module 1 - First Aid/Survival kit

This module is stand-alone and can be carried with you when you go places, kept in your car, or attached to the other modules when needed.

It has a large velcro pad on its back that makes it quick to remove when attached to your pack or to another module.

The Module includes a basic first aid kit which is up to OSH standards and a survival kit. If you get caught out, there is enough to get you through.

Using this kit you could light a fire, cut firewood, put up a shelter with the emergency blanket and the paracord, keep yourself warm with the emergency sleeping bag and look after your first aid needs.

First Aid items:
1 First Aid Booklet
1 Splinter Point Tweezers
5 Safety Pins
1 Crepe Bandage
1 Gauze Elastic
2 Triangular Bandage
1 Combine Dressing
1 Non-adherent Pads small
1 Non-adherent Pads large
10 Lightweight Stretch Plasters
1 Microporous Paper Tape
4 Latex Gloves (Powder Free)
(2 pairs)
1 Survival Blanket
2 Sterile Non-woven Swab
2 Water Wipes
2 Antiseptic wipes
1 Zinc Oxide Tape
1 Dressing Strip
1 Resuscitation Face Shield
2 Saline Solution

Survival items:
1 Mini LED Torch
1 AA Battery
1 Multi-functional Pocket Knifes – scissors, knife, Screwdriver, file.
1 Emergency Sleeping Bag
1 Paracord bracelet - Flint Fire Starter, paracord, Whistle, compass - Undoing the bracelet provides cordage to use.
2 Glow Sticks - Provides light for about 12 hours
1 Pocket Steel Saw Wire - For cutting wood
1 Pencil and Note Book All-Weather Waterproof - use a normal pencil to write on this paper even in the rain.
1 Multi-function knife card – Can opener, Knife edge, Screwdriver, Ruler, Bottle opener, 4 position wrench, Butterfly
screw wrench, Saw blade, Direction auxiliary indication, 2 position wrench, Key chain hole.

Note: You are only buying Module one - First Aid/Survival kit.

All other modules need to be purchased individually to make up the complete kit.