Updates 01-07-2019  -  GC Kids (Gods Connected Kids)

Children’s Programs (3 pilot programs for a start then another 49)

Our first 3 pilot programs have been funded and are in the editing stage. We now need your funding to make more. Please help us.

 Audience: Ages 6 to 12 years
 Number of Programs Planned:  3 for a start then 49
 Length of each program:  27 minutes
 Number Producted So Far  3 in the editing satge


GC Kids is a children’s programme based on Christian values for children aged 6 - 12 years of age. The program incorporates bible and life stories, songs, scripture readings, crafts, field trips and science.

The programs will be based around education instead of entertainment so that the kids will go away with a deeper understanding of values and practical life skills.

Each program will be based around a core value with this core value being woven into each section of the programme.  Delivery and learning in each episode encapsulates a balanced and holistic view of life for our tamariki. The use of English, Te Reo and sign language ensure inclusiveness of all recognised languages of New Zealand.

It has a unique New Zealand flavour, with the added essence of God wrapped around the structure so he is glorified in all ways.

Connections to the local community are made in the way of visits to local resources, employment of staff and volunteers, help from local businesses and community groups. This helps tie in with the grassroots nature of community in our culture.

Each 27minute program will be broken down into 3 sections. The first section will involve Christian values in the form of stories and lessons. The second and third sections will pull from the following areas.

  • Science – Showing how things work and explaining nature.
  • Crafts – Showing how to make things.
  • Lifestyle – Easy vegetarian recipes and lifestyle principles.
  • Trips – Out and about visiting places of interest, e.g. Wildlife parks.

The program will be hosted by one person with other people coming in to present some of the sections or as guests. Some of the trips away or special topics may involve children.


YouTube – This makes them available to a worldwide audience.
Website – We will set up a website

We are planning to make 2 of these for a start to see how they go. If they are well received, we will make another 52. I envision that we will produce one of these per week.

If you would like to know more about this poject contact us

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